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  • Mood: Hurt
  • Listening to: Elements by Kina Grannis, Simple and Clean
  • Reading: Mangas and stuff
  • Watching: Avatar the last air bender
  • Playing: Pokemon X/Leaf Green, Hell Yeah!,Mark of The Ninja
got book stuff going on, and dealing with some personal struggles, in other words my emotions are getting to me again and I need some time away from most things, I'll be back though after book compiling stuff and well other things.....


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Enrique johnson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am in my own eyes a skilled writer and soon to be possible teen author, laying line upon line of stories of my life put onto paper as stanzas of poetry and short narratives.

I'm usually very friendly and would lick your face if I had the chance but be warned I bite on occasion ( I'm a fox but not a furry kk cuz? ._. ).

I play 4 instruments and might take up violin in the future even though I can't read sheet music to save my life which isn't very practical.

I'm currently in high school and have no idea what to do as an occupation after college despite knowing what I want to study.

Besides being a friendly person I'm kind and compassionate and do things without need of something in exchange even when offered because nice guys finish first not last because I will defend to the death the people I care and come to care for and I kind of have a short fuse when It comes to anger and people I can't tolerate despite being very tolerant.

I love anime, I love cartoons, I love my friends, I love music, and I love love love writing and an occasional sketch even if the sketch looks terrible to some people.

Fears/Hates: heights, needles/needle like objects, drowning (can't swim), mud,
people I can't tolerate at all, people who mess with my people, oh and I fear death and needles with a passion.
(see interests to get a feel for my likes but first I'l be honest I like and need attention to function properly)
So as the pickup line goes "if you like water, you'll love 70% of me"
you can contact me through here or gmail ( )
for anything! mostly literature help and stuff though please
Oh and I'm taking spanish and japanese currently so:
ありがとう みなさん! (thanks friend) muchas gracias por leer este (thanks very much for reading this) y adios

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